Lala Hovsepyan


Ms Lala Hovsepyan joined ELA as Administrative officer/Human resource manager since January 2017 Before that she had been involed in ELA’s 2015 Referendum monitoring project providing invaluable assistance with the translation and publication of a number of project materials and assisting ELA with the input of the data in the Control Your Vote website. Lala Hovsepyan has extensive experience (2000-2014) in the publishing field having worked for the renowned publishing company ‘Zangak’ as a graphic designed and events manager. As a graphic designer she designed school textbooks, journals, art albums, fiction. As an events manager she organised a number of book presentations, meetings with authors, exhibitions of books. She represented the publishing house in the Annual Book Exhibition in Frankfurt. She has also worked as the editor of the prominent child journal ‘Ayg.’ Since 2014 she started teaching history of the arts to children in the child aesthetic center ‘Luys Ashkhar,’ as well as is in charge of the center’s administration.