Research and analysis

Research and analysis constitute an essential component of the programmes implemented by ELA since 2011.

Research and analysis are pivotal in representing cases in domestic courts, as well as the ECtHR, in which ELA’s professional staff have been involved advocating for the dissemination of the core human rights.

In furtherance of efforts aimed at introducing the best international human rights practices to the target beneficiaries, ELA’s staff is committed to researching and analyzing the best human rights-related practices and principles developed by the relevant international and regional structures, such as the United Nations and the European Court of Human Rights, in particular those reflected in the General Comments adopted by the UN Human Rights Committee and other UN specialised committees, the case law of the European Court of Human Rights, the instruments adopted by the relevant Council of Europe structures, such as the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission), the OSCE/ODIHR standards, etc. The results of such research are presented to the beneficiaries to enhance their knowledge on relevant matters. The final goal of such efforts is to achieve a positive change in terms of both legislative regulation and the relevant judicial practice.

The outcome of such research and analysis are also presented for the discussion and consideration by international and local organizations supporting and sponsoring human rights reforms in Armenia.

An example of these efforts is the research in the ECtHR freedom of expression standards and the conduct of a compliance analysis of the judicial practice developed by the Armenian courts in the period of 2010- 2012. In order to assist the activities of the lawyers providing legal assistance to active citizens following the protest actions held in the period of 2013-2014, ELA’s experts have researched into the international standards shaping the right to freedom of assembly, the right to liberty and security of a person, non-discrimination, the right to an effective remedy, the prohibition on torture, etc. This research has been used to strengthen the applications submitted to the Armenian Constitutional Court to seek a check on the compliance of various norms of domestic laws with the norms of the Armenian Constitution. This research also underlies the applications submitted by ELA’s lawyers to the European Court of Human Rights to seek protection of the violated convention rights of its beneficiaries.

ELA has conducted analysis in the best international practice in the area of a number of rights, including the right to freedom of expression, the right to freedom of assembly, the right to free and fair elections, prohibition on torture. These analyses are reflected in a number of reports produced by ELA in the course of its existence.