Mission and objectives


ELA’s mission is to elucidate, disseminate and strengthen the core European values of liberty, human dignity, responsibility, and universality legalized into the fundamental goals of human rights and fundamental freedoms, democracy, and rule of law.


Goals and Objectives

Our conception of Europe stems from the belief that Europe is beyond geographical and political boundaries. It is instead a spiritual heading of world civilization and human culture, a promise of a world subject to the demand of universal intelligibility, public justification of all claims and deeds, hence, of a hospitality to the foreign. It is within this framework of a hospitality or openness with the respectable dignity of the other that we aim to develop the infinite dialogue between Europe and Armenia.

Our aim is to support the spreading of these values among the bodies of public administration and local self-government, the judiciary, the wider jurist community, the civil society, and the larger public by:

–    taking the lead in assisting Armenia in preserving and enriching its ethnic heritage and in contributing to Europe’s intellectual legacy by taking part in the development and introduction of common standards;

–     contributing to the improvement of domestic legislation and law enforcement practices, including their approximation to the best of European standards;

–     contributing to the restitution of the breached rights of citizens through judicial protection, providing legal consultations and advice on all matters within the scope of the organization’s mission;

–     strengthening the understanding of law and development of legal culture among various stakeholders in Armenia and wider Europe;

–     organizing conferences and training activities to increase public awareness and cultivate human creativity which will be used to solve the problems in every field;

–    conducting academic research which will reflect upon the conceptual and intellectual basis of European heritage and/or complex socio-political and legal issues, producing publications both in print and on-line, and disseminating information;

–     strengthening the civil society and creating civic community, rooted in values that can be shared by all and participating in civic life by playing a decisive role in the decision-making process;

–   establishing partnerships/networks with international and local organizations, including NGOs and lawyers, the efforts of which are directed towards the fulfillment of the ideals of the ‘Europe in Law’ enabling such transformations which dictate public innovations both on local and international level taking the national factors into consideration.

ELA strives to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of public administration through helping the public and local self-government authorities to acknowledge and commit themselves to carrying out their responsibilities in an open and transparent manner, as well as to boost public accountability.