Tigran Yegoryan

Mr Tigran Yegoryan joined ELA as a legal expert in 2012. In April, 2012 he became a member of ELA. Since 2012 Mr Yegoryan has actively participated in all projects and activities implemented by ELA. He graduated from the Law Faculty of Yerevan State University in 2004 with a degree of BA in Jurisprudence. In 2011 he got his MA in the Management of Information Systems from Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction. He received his licence to practice law from the Armenian Bar Chamber in October 2011. Since then he has practiced law. Mr Yegoryan is a well-known human rights lawyer. He has defended human rights in a number of high-profile cases, such as the so-called ‘Harsnaqar’ case, the criminal case of Vardges Gaspari, the ‘Sasna Tsrer’ case. He is also a well-known expert in electoral law and processes. His contribution was invaluable during the 2016 electoral reform when thanks inter alia to his expertise and negotiation skills the authorities finally agreed to declassify the signed voter lists and amend a number of other important articles of the Electoral Code. In his capacity as an expert in a number of fields of law he regularly makes contributions in the media and public events. He has acted as a professional trainer in electoral law and processes, having trained over 5000 observers, media representatives and proxies since 2013. He is competent in a number of branches of law, including criminal, civil, administrative, ECHR and constitutional. He has submitted over 100 applications to the European Court of Human Rights and over 30 applications to the RA Constitutional Court. He has won over 10 cases in the RA Constitutional Court, in which the positions expressed by the Court had an essential impact on the legislative and judicial reform in Armenia. Since 2012 he has defended the right to freedom of expression of the media, media workers and others in a number of defamation and other FoE-related cases. In July 2018 he was elected to ELA’s board with an advisory vote.