ELA’s Cooperation with the Council of Europe

On 21 February, Lousineh Hakobyan, President of Europe in Law Association spoke during the closing event of the Project Support to the judicial reform – enhancing the independence and professionalism of the judiciary in Armenia.  The Project aimed at further promoting judicial independence, the effectiveness of legal proceedings and access to justice in Armenia by providing support to the post constitution justice reform processes in the fields of justice, judiciary and disciplinary frameworks.

Lousineh Hakobyan expressed gratitude to the CoE representatives for fruitful cooperation with ELA in the framework of the Project. She referred, in particular, to the translation and publication of the textbook of Professor Philip Leach ‘Taking a Case to the European Court of Human Rights.’ She expressed hope that it will be possible to cooperate further with the CoE in the area of enriching the legal resources for the legal community in Armenia by translating several other important publications in the area of public international law.

Lousineh Hakobyan also spoke about another area of cooperation between CoE structures and the Armenian civil society, namely the dialogue in advance of the development of the Venice Commission opinions. She discussed the problems in this area and offered recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of such dialogue.