Workshop: Strengthening women’s political participation and leadership

On February 9-10, LousinehHakobyan and Tigran Yegoryan, representatives of the Europe inLaw Association NGOan participated in a workshop organized by the Analytical Centre on Globalisation and Regional Cooperation (ACGRC) NGO entitled “Strengthening women’s political participation and leadership” upon the invitation of MrStepan Grigoryan, the President of the NGO.The participants of the discussion were mostly representatives of political parties from Armenia.The discussion aimed at raising awareness of participants on the importance of women’s involvement and leadership in higher political decision-making positions.It also aimed at arming participating women with important leadership skills.

During the discussion, lawyer and President of Europe in Law, Lousineh Hakobyan spoke about Armenia’s international commitments in the area of increasing women’s participation in political life by presenting the factors and obstacles preventing them from being more involved in political processes. She also presented statistics on higher secondary education programs and women’s participation in senior political and judicial positions.

Tigran Yegorian,practicing lawyer and senior legal adviser of the NGO also made a presentation on the recommendations of international structures aimed at increasing women’s participation in higher political decision-making positions.Solutions were also presented to promote and develop these recommendations in Armenia. Participants also made suggestions to strengthen the role of women in political decision-making.

A preliminary agreement was reached with the ACGRC to continue joint discussions and programmes on strengthening women’s involvement in higher political decision-making positions.