“I think this well-publicized case with so many people involved will not be closed,” journalist Vruyr Tadevosyan.

“Now I can only hope that this lasting break will be effective for the proceeding softhe case, and that this well-publicized case in volving so manypeople will not beclosed,”says VruyrTadevosyan, a journalistfor Public Radio, who was subjected to violence by a group of masked people in the Avan district of Yerevanon April 22.

Duringthe April revolution, journalist Vruyr Tadevosyan was subjected toviolence while fulfilling his professional duties. “To clarify the situation,I went to Avan Acharyan Street in Yerevan, whichwas blocked by masked people, according to preliminary information.

“I arrived at Ford’s service center by car where I started my activities. The road was closed by a group of masked people who were regulating the trafficin civilian clothes at that part of the road,”Vruyr Tadevosyan says.

He adds that the masked people attacked his car, seized his cellphone and lpad Air 2 tablet, by which he was able to provide live broadcast, and hit him, the car windows, the side mirrors and other parts of the car with batons. “They were hitting me, they were destroying my car, they were hitting me on my head with batons, and threatening to kill me by ordering not to film anything,”Vruyr Tadevosyan says.

Vruyr notes that he informed the attackers he was a journalist, showed his journalist’s badge, but that did not change any thing regarding their intent of committing violence on him.

Journalist Vruyr Tadevosyan applied to the police and a criminal case was initiated. The latter is administered by the RA Investigative Committee. However, at this point, according to our information, the Investigative Committee identified only one of the persons who hindered Vruyr‘s professional activities. Asignature not to leave has been chosenasa pre-trial detention measure regarding the suspect.

Photographs of some of those who committed violence against the journalist were publicized in the media on April 28. It appears that these people’s names are linked toYerevan’s former Mayor Taron Margaryan.

Vruyr Tadevosyan says that despite the delay in the investigation the case, he hopes the incident will bedetected. Also, eventhough he is not in the country now, which makes it impossible for him to take an active part in the case, he issure his representatives are following the case. “I trust the man whether or not I will be involved, the investigation will continue,”Tadevosyan says.

The preliminary investigation of Vruyr Tadevosyan’s case is not over yet. Therefore, depending on its results, further actions will be discussed regarding the hindering of the journalist’s duties and the attack on him.

In addition, considering that the police showed inactivity and was not at the site for hours, a complaint was also brought to the administrative court in order to prevent such incidents, to claim recognition of the violation of Vruyr’s rights as well as damages.