Mr Gaspari’s lawyer Tigran Yegoryan was prevented from meeting with Mr Gaspari

Today, on 25.02.2016 I visited my client Vardgez Gaspari who has been placed in Noubarashen detention facility. However, I was not allowed to meet with him by the administration of the facility, which referred to the letter sent by Neli Baghdasaryan, judge at the General Jurisdiction Court of Shengavit Administrative District notifying that advocates Tigran Yegoryan and Lousineh Hakobyan had been removed from the proceedings and that only Davit Gyurjyan is Gaspari’s defence counsel. Neli Baghdasaryan’s decision does not stem from the law in view of the fact that never ever has Gaspari throughout the proceedings refused to receive the services of his lawyers. Moreover, during the court hearing on 15.02.2016 he explicitly confirmed in the court that his advocates are Tigran Yegoryan, Lousineh Hakobyan and Davit Gyurjyan. This said, it must also be noted that I have been Gaspari’s representative in numerous civil and administrative cases and am his defence counsel not only in this case but also in the referendum related criminal case no 15804115 in which framework Gaspari was taken to forensic psychiatric examination on 24 February 2016.  Notwithstanding these circumstances, the wish of a person in detention only is sufficient for him to be allowed to meet with a lawyer of his own choosing, and the prohibition of this meeting is contrary to a number of provisions of the RA Constitution and the European Convention of Human Rights. In the light of the aforesaid, the decision of the administration of Noubarashen detention facility to prohibit my meeting with Vardgez Gaspari is unlawful.

Tigran Yegoryan, V. Gaspari’s defence counsel