ATTENTION: Deadline for Submitting the Applications Extended Dear citizens!

The Armenian authorities are planning to hold a referendum on December 6, 2015 on changing the RA Constitution, which will alter all except two of the articles in the current Constitution.

Elections in Armenia have always been marred with serious breaches of the rights of citizens to freely express their will and the right to equal suffrage, which serves as an obstacle for full exercise of the people’s power. During recent years one of the tools most commonly used by the Armenian authorities during elections was misrepresenting the number of voters at the expense of those residing outside the country and rigging the results of the elections.

Taking into consideration the importance of the role the Constitution plays in the building and existence of a state, and the malpractice of electoral fraud in our country, the oversight over the legality of the referendum to change Constitution and the participation of the citizens in it is of vital importance.

The Citizen Observer Initiative, together with supporting organizations, anticipates to organize a large-scale election observation mission throughout the whole territory of Armenia to prevent electoral fraud and to oversee the conformity of the process of the forthcoming referendum with the Republic of Armenia laws and international standards.

We call on Armenians who share this concern and have interest in free and fair elections, to join our mission by acting as an accredited observer or mass media representative to jointly prevent any violations of the referendum process and forging of its results.

We plan to organize trainings for future observers and to provide legal advice. Any electoral fraud will be challenged before the corresponding bodies.

All those who are interested in becoming a citizen-observer, are welcome to send an e-mail to or call at 094 553069 before November 17, 18:00.

Citizen Observer Initiative is a coalition of non-governmental organizations established in 2013. Members of the initiative are ‘Transparency International Anti-Corruption Centre’, ‘Europe in Law Association’ NGO, ‘Asparez’ Club of Journalists and ‘Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly of Vanadzor’.