Europe in Law Association denounces the illegal practice of the RA Police

Today, at around 7.50a.m. advocates of the Europe in Law Association NGO (hereinafter: ELA) started receiving unabated calls informing them that representatives of the RA Police broke into the apartments of the RA citizens motivating their actions as being carried out in terms of certain operational intelligence activities. These actions were accompanied by blatant violations of human rights.

In particular, with an express intention to conduct a search of apartment, 15 officers of the RA Police broke into the apartment of Aram Hakobyan, one of the members of “Founding Parliament”, at the address of 15A Ghukasyan Street (the City of Gyumri), the Police seized Hakobyan’s cell phone and those of his family members and did not allow them to make calls to the ELA advocates for consultation. Upon ELA’s request advocate Hayk Harutiunyan arrived at the apartment at 15A Ghukasyan Street, however, he was not allowed to take part in the operation being carried out there.