Lousineh Hakobyan

Lousineh Hakobyan

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Mrs. Lousineh Hakobyan is a founding member of ELA and the President therof since 2011. In 1998 she graduated from the Romance-Germanic Faculty of Yerevan State University. In 2006, she graduated from the Armenia branch of Moscow International Academy of Entrepreneurship with a Diploma in Jurisprudence. In 2007-2008 she completed her LLM programme in European Law at Queen Mary, University of London.

In 2008, while in London, she did an internship programme with a London-based free speech campaign ARTICLE 19. Since then for over 10 years she has worked with a number of NGOs and international organizations, including the NGOs Association of Investigative Journalists in Armenia, Journalists for Human Rights, the EU Advisory Group to the Republic of Armenia (EUAG), the United Nations Armenia, etc.

She received her advocate’s licence in 2011. Since then she has litigated cases in both domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights. Among the high-profile criminal cases that she has been involved, mention should be made of the politically sensitive cases of‘Harsnaqar, the criminal case of Vardgez Gaspari, the so-called ‘Sasna Dzrer’ case, etc.  The list of the civil cases where she was involved to protect her clients’ right to freedom of expression includes the cases of the inhabitants of Lernapat community, the cases of the media ‘Ilur.am,’ ‘Hraparak daily,’ the ‘Investigative Journalists,’ ‘Asparez,’etc. From among the cases pending before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) mention should be made of the applications filed in protection of the rights to freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, life, liberty and security of a person, prohibition on torture of a number of active citizens following the protest acts taking place in 2013-2014.

Since 2011 she has successfully managed a number of projects supported by ELA’s international partners. Mention among them should be made of the OSCE/US Democracy Commission funded project directed at raising the knowledge of the freedom of expression standards among journalists, practicing lawyers and judges. Since 2013 she has managed a series of election observation project, the biggest one being an EU funded project Public Oversight over 2017 Parliamentary Elections in 2016-2018. Since 2014 she has managed two NED funded projects aimed to ensure open, transparent and fair contests for the selection and appointments to public offices, such as civil service positions, positions in the judiciary, the prosecutor’s office, the investigative bodies, etc.


As an expert in a number of fields of law she has successfully acted as a trainer in electoral law and processes, in the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. She has conducted a series of human rights trainings for journalists and practicing lawyers. She has contributed to legislative reform, engaged successfully in advocacy and strategic litigation.