ELA Participated in EU’s EaP CFS WG1 Meeting

In 2018 the Europe in Law Association was elected as a Delegate to the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum by the Armenian National Platform of the EaP Civil Society Forum.

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) aims to strengthen civil society in the Eastern Partnership countries as well as foster cooperation and the exchange of experience between civil society organisations from partner countries and the EU.

EaP CSF’s mission is to facilitate and strengthen the active and expert engagement of civil society in the Eastern Partnership and in the Eastern dimension of EU external relations policies. In addition, it aims to further participatory governance and accountable policy making in the democratic transition and European integration of the Eastern Partnership countries, including their prospective EU membership.

At the national level, the EaP CSF aims to strengthen the diversity and plurality of public discourse and policy making in the Eastern Partnership countries by holding governments accountable and promoting fundamental freedoms, participatory democracy and human rights.

On 13-15 Lousineh Hakobyan, the President of the Europe in Law Association participated in the annual meeting of the EaP CSF WG 1. Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance and Stability.

On 14 May, she also participated in the event marking the 10th Anniversary of the EaP CSF. She presented some of the main points of Policy Paper of the EaP CSF. Stressing the importance of co-operation of the EU institutions with civil society, Lousineh Hakobyan addressed the need for the EU to gather more information on the genuine civil society actors to be able to choose civil society partners carefully given the fact that a number of regressive and undemocratic proponents and representatives of the former regime are busy registering human rights NGOs and positioning themselves as civil society dedicated to the universal human rights values, which they are not.

As the rapporteur of the Rule-of-Law Sub-Group she contributed to drafting recommendations on the improvement of the judiciary in the EaPcountrieson 15 May. The recommendations developed during the meeting will be finalized and made available to the relevant stakeholders in the months to follow.