ELA for Increased Awareness of the Legal and Political Processes in new Armenia

Project Duration:             01/01/2019 – 31/10/2019

Grant Amount:                 8000 Euro

Funding Organisation:   Prague Civil Society Center

 General Objective of the Project: The general objective of this project is to increase the level of awareness of both the Armenian public and the international organisations of the work of ELA, and the political and legal processes taking place in new Armenia.

Project Description:

The aim of the project is to enhance awareness of the ELA work, as well as the legal processes and the legal aspects of the political processes taking place in the post-revolutionary Armenia.

 The target groups include the Armenian Government, civil society organisations, international organisations and representations of foreign states, as well as the broader Armenian public.

 As a result of the action:

  1. The Government will be able to take more informed decisions concerning the necessary legal (including judicial) reforms;
  2. The civil society organisations will be able to better mobilise their resources in support of the legal reform on the agenda of the Government and/or better advocate for the inclusion of the priority steps in the agenda of the Government;
  3. The international community will be able to make use of expert opinions on the legal and political processes taking place in Armenia;
  4. The Armenian public in general will increase its awareness of the legal aspects of the major legal and political processes taking place in new Armenia.
  5. 5. Finally, the CSOs, the legal community, the international partners and the broader Armenian partners will increase their awareness of ELA’s work in the area of judicial reform, legal processes, etc.

The final beneficiaries of the action are the Armenian Government and the public. By increasing the level of expert awareness of the former and developing a more informed society, the ELA will contribute to increased dialogue between the Government and its people.